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Cybioms is a 8(a) certified C- corporation registered in Delaware.  It was founded in 2001 with a unique model, that uses distributed human resources and centralized information to support domestic and International clients. The clientbase includes Government agencies and Commercial companies.  Our primary focus is to provide innovative high quality products (devices, systems) and services at affordable prices to our customers. 

The hardware specialties for product development consist of:   Lasers, Optics, Opto-electronics, Micro-electro-opto-mechanics, and High speed digital electronics. The software specialties 
for product development include:   Algorithm  development, Image Processing, Automation, and Intelligence engineering.  

The hardware and software specialties are integrated to drive a variety of
customizable devices, systems, and services for Aerospace, Biomedical, Defense, and IT sectors. We also provide strategic management services to medium and large businesses.

We serve our customers with distinction in every engagement ......
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Reducing the size, mass, and cost while increasing the reliability, ruggedness, and robustness are challenges for Aerospace and Defense.  Error free operation of critical systems and their reduced lifecycle cost have become extremely important. Cybioms' solutions and services address these market needs .......
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Rising cost of healthcare demands biomedical products and services to be robust, reliable, and cost-efficient. Reducing the costly expert human component through automation and intelligence is a challenge that needs to be adressed. Cybioms offers solutions and services to address these needs...
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